Monday, May 4, 2009

Non-Aggression Principle, Reconsidered

One of the problems I have harbored for sometime with standard libertarian thought is the "non-aggression principle"--at least as it is meant to apply universally. Keep in mind, I am a natural rights guy (Hey, just because I mock Jesus and his followers on occasion doesn't mean that whole "do unto others" bit doesn't hold water), but I try not to be so dogmatic as to never acknowledge that certain people whose behavior (or very existence) is so heinous that it suggests they may deserve an ass-kicking for their own good--if not on some Karmic level of justice.

Thus, allow me to introduce a new segment to BNS: The Non-Aggression Principle: The Argument Against. This award will go to one person per week (or so) who challenge the axiom of libertarian non-violence without physical provocation.

Our debut NAPTAA goes to Sgt. Robert McFarland of the Lincoln Park Police Department.

Sgt. McFarland deserves to be made familiar with the business end of a rotary phone while Fran Drescher and Gilbert Gottfried yell profane obscenities suggesting lewd things about his mama, a donkey, and that homeless man in the park who chases the pigeons "because they talk shit."

Congratulations, Sgt. McFarland, you loathsome, uptight little prick. Here's hoping you get yours someday.

H/T reason.

*Nota Bene: In no way am I suggesting actual violence be launched against Sgt. McFarland or any future recipient of the NAPTAA award. The non-aggression principle is a staple of our modern society's Rule of Law and should not be transgressed...even for someone so god awful as he is.

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