Thursday, May 28, 2009

Copyediting 101: Gay Marriage via Chinese Takeout

Check out the screen cap of the newest anti-gay marriage ad (from the people that brought you The Big Gay Storm):

(Courtesy of Sadly, No!, who added the red underline for emphasis.)

Running the risk of being culturally insensitive, the way the ad was run makes it seem as if the number you're going to call will be answered by an immigrant at a Chinese takeout:

Caller: Hello? I'd like to preserve marriage. Please don't let the gays marry.

Senator Tso and Tso's office: Marraige? No like Same Same?

Caller: No. I don't want Same Same.

Senator Tso and Tso's office: Ok. No Same Same. 30-40 minits before vote. Tank you!

To be clear: I am having a little fun with--not at the expense of--entrepreneurs who know at least one more language than I do who have managed to come to a new country and run a successful business. In no way is this meant to disparage the Chinese or any other immigrant group. (Jeebus, I hate disclaimers.)

This is, however, fully intended to mock the people who spend so much time and money on an issue that really doesn't effect them, lest they think their spouse is going to leave them for a gay lover once gay marriage is legal.

Maybe these morons should spend less time worrying about Teh Gays and more time worrying about education, grammar, and spell check.

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