Tuesday, March 24, 2009

After F&S

Yeah, so, it's over.

The recession hit us all and, in the middle of a bunch of other stuff on top of it, Freedom and Shit [dot] org just stopped being a priority for most of us. All of us, really. It was hard enough keeping writers interested--not to mention keep it among my own top priorities. So when the plug was pulled, no one really put up a stink. Hell, it took Tera a couple weeks til she even noticed. I don't blame her really; we all have our own lives and most of us do writing that actually bears our names--and that stuff actually PAYS.

So, I hope you enjoy this site. I highly recommend putting this in an RSS feed if you're going to follow it at all, because frankly, I can't say this is one of the most important things in my life and so the entries will probably be sporadic. I know I'm not selling this all that well, but I've always been honest with my readers--one of the great pleasures of anonymity, let me tell you--so I'm not going to start bullshitting you now. I miss the more irreverent side to my writing, and this is an excellent outlet.

For those used to the F&S format: I'll keep the Afternoon Dance Parties (although I'm switching from videos to SeeqPod) and the topics will pretty much remain the same too. The major difference is that this is all me, and not a pseudo-collaborative project. And that isn't any kind of slight at my friends from the F&S days--priorities changed and there are ZERO hard feelings. It was a lot of fun and I sincerely thank Aynnie for the opportunity to write there and also for keeping the site going for so long after she stopped writing for it.

As before, feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks for reading,


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